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Unique leather products for women and men
Scopri di piĆ¹

Continuing the centuries-old Italian tradition of leather, each PETISSE is crafted by skillful artisans to become unique, long-lasting pieces of life, infused with experience and passion. Nullam ut neque vel sapien finibus tempus. Donec a dignissim sapien. Maecenas ac lobortis risus. Maecenas sollicitudin lorem in justo ullamcorper consequat. Aliquam tincidunt erat vel neque iaculis hendrerit. Morbi ornare nisi non odio sollicitudin cursus. Pellentesque consequat lorem facilisis gravida tempor.

The brand
Manufacturing and handmade creations to shape materials. Renewing fabrics and leather to enhance our unique tradition. Passion for beauty, taste for innovation and creative ability represent the goal achieved by Petisse, which sets a very special value to its creations making them always perfect in every single detail.
The Shop
The new Petisse boutique overlooks the gate of Castelfranco Veneto underneath the clock Tower combining the leather brand with the history of the hosting town. According to this spirit, Petisse has chosen to leave a mark on its style and on its made in Italy high quality accessories.